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Peking Duck

Connor Kelly-Eiding as PEKING DUCK in That Beautiful Laugh I like: Taekwondo, running really fast, peeing in the shower, bad words, sharks, GI Joe, climbing trees, orange soda, fighting, freeze-tag, Creepy Crawlers, doing cannon-balls into the pool, loud noises, maximum destruction, roast beef, taekwondo. I really don’t like: Going to church, my brother, the cat, wearing …
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Antoine McGroe

Mike Funt as ANTOINE MCGROE in That Beautiful Laugh Antoine McGroe is French and asks that you pardon his accent. He enjoys…well, not much of anything except of course his pet flea Isabelle. He is an admirer of all things French, which is where he is from, so pardon his accent. He doesn’t like loud noises, …
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