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Peking Duck

Connor Kelly-Eiding as PEKING DUCK in That Beautiful Laugh
I like: Taekwondo, running really fast, peeing in the shower, bad words, sharks, GI Joe, climbing trees, orange soda, fighting, freeze-tag, Creepy Crawlers, doing cannon-balls into the pool, loud noises, maximum destruction, roast beef, taekwondo.

I really don’t like: Going to church, my brother, the cat, wearing dresses, pink, old person smell, zombie bunny rabbits, grown-ups, apple juice, the hospital, freckles, stomach-aches, when you have to poop but your teacher wont let you because recess already happened and “why didn’t you just go then?” but you didn’t have to go then and she doesn’t get it and now you’re stuck holding it. Ugh.

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