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Somewhere Like Earth

Four Clowns Jr. presents...
Somewhere Like Earth

at http://bit.ly/1e8qAzW


Written by Mike Funt
Created by Four Clowns
directed by Turner Munch

Sat. 12/7 2pm
Sun. 12/8 2pm
Sat. 12/14 2pm
Sun. 12/15 2pm

Four Clowns Jr. who previously brought you Robin Hood at South Coast Repertory and That Beautiful Laugh at the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival and Long Beach Playhouse brings Somewhere Like Earth, an interactive physical comedy for children (ages 6 - 11) about the environment and sustainability.

@ Attic Theatre
a part of the Imaginese Festival
5429 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Somewhere Like Earth is a hilarious new Four Clowns, Jr. show developed to help children get excited about caring for the environment. Our hero is a clown who arrives in a pristine paradise where he is met by the clown guardians of earth, air, and water. Through a series of fun comic bits and clown routines, each guardian clown shows off why his or her specialty is the best. However, when our hero clown's excitement inadvertently leads to waste and destruction, the clowns must come together to learn how they can all live together in mutual benefit and harmony.

$5 Children (13 years old and under)
$10 Adults (14 years old and up)
at http://bit.ly/1e8qAzW

Production Design by Lis Roche
Stage Management from Ashley Jo Navvaro
and Artistic Director Jeremy Aluma

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