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Over 1,000 years ago, the legend of Robin Hood began as the story of a man who sees the oppression of his people and rises up to help them. It’s a story passed down for generations and the heart of the message “rob from the rich to give to the poor” has resonated ever since, making it perfect fodder for Four Clowns unique style of clowning. They mix clowning traditions of old with modern cultural sensibilities to entertain young theater goers with the gags, pratfalls, music, song, dance and plenty of audience interaction for which they’re known. Ovation Recommended and three-time Physical Theater Award winners, Four Clowns takes a second venture into theater for families with South Coast Repertory, their most prestigious collaboration to date.

Robin Hood by Greg Banks Directed by Jeremy Aluma November 2012@ South Coast Repertory

starring Julia Davis as Suz-EE the Singer Nat the Weaver, Maid, Henchman, Soldier 3, Archer 1 Daniel Hopkins as Kristov the Composer, Much’s Dad, Alan a Dale, Soldier 2, Archer 2 Alexis Jones as Lucy the Leader, Much, Maid Marian

Kevin Klein as Acorn the Acrobat, Robin Hood Raymond Lee as Jimmy the Juggler, Will Scarlet, Little John, Prince John, Friar Tuck, Soldier 1 Amir Levi as Mike the Magician, Sheriff of Nottingham, King Richard

Jenny Butler – Stage Manager Fred Kinney – Scenic Designer Jeremy Pivnick – Lighting Designer Leah Piehl – Costume Designer Brian Danner – Fight Choreographer Julie Renfro – Production AssistantNatalie Figaredo – Stage Management Intern